Some of our products use small quantities of mercury in the liquid crystal display (LCD) panel or internal lamp to enhance lighting efficiency. These components only should be serviced or replaced by a Garmin service technician.

These products must be disposed of in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local requirements.

How do I know if my GPS device contains mercury?

We are required to inform our customers about the presence of mercury that is intentionally added to products. Check the owner’s manual for your device to determine if it includes the following mercury warning statement:

A few manuals were incorrectly printed with a statement that begins “Lamp(s) inside this product may contain mercury … .” Any product that includes this statement in the manual does contain mercury and should be disposed of in accordance with local and state disposal requirements.

How do I properly dispose of my device if it contains mercury?

Connecticut Customers

Because products containing mercury may be regulated as hazardous waste, Connecticut recommends sending these products to an electronic disassembler or recycler authorized by the state to accept mercury-containing products. Connecticut maintains a list of commercial recyclers and brokers that accept mercury-containing lamps. Several of these companies also accept electronic products for recycling. Customers intending to dispose of mercury-containing products in Connecticut should contact the listed facilities to identify the types of acceptable products and the conditions for delivery.

Other States

Please check your individual state’s requirements to see if specific recycling requirements exist for mercury-containing products or other electronic products. The following websites are good resources to see if requirements exist in your state and to check for the identity and location of mercury recyclers in your area:

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