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Reliable handheld device to allow hunting to control up to 6 dogs

  • Simultaneous training of up to 6 dogs (additional equipment required for dogs – sold separately)
  • 6 levels of continuous stimulation and set the correct sound
  • Range up to 1.5 km
  • Built-BarkLimiter ™
  • Remote control of a traffic light on the dog’s collar

Simple and easy to use device PRO 70 enables intuitive operation and training with one hand in a radius of 1.5 kilometers, so there is no need to drain the dog with eyes. Upper shield is uncomplicated solution to select one of the 6 levels of stimulation. The Pro 70 may be adapted so as to train simultaneously with its use even six dogs (additional equipment required for PSA). It allows you to remotely control lights signaling LED on the device for the dog, which are perfect for low light, and also activate its built-in BarkLimiter , which helps reduce the barking of dogs.

Classic, rugged construction

The PRO 70 uses a proven, longitudinal design, which enjoys high reputation among coaches, while it is also easy to use. With a little effort, you can learn one-handed operation, so you do not need a dog drain from the eye, even when switching between levels of stimulation and dogs. Shield control the level of stimulation, correction and sound worlds LED is located on top of the unit manually, allowing intuitive operation. Switch dogs and colorful buttons are conveniently located so you can easily use them. Permanently mounted transmitter antenna 6 cm eliminates the risk of loss of or damage to the antenna, while providing a range of up to 1.5 kilometers.

Train with stimulation and sound

Enjoy 6 levels of continuous stimulation and sound settings for up to 6 dogs at the same time (requires additional equipment for the dog – sold separately). To the highest setting assigned more power stimulation, which provides greater efficiency and choice among a range of options. There is also the possibility of remote control integrated with the device for dog traffic light LEDs that allow you to locate your dog in low light.


The PRO 70 is equipped with a built-in module BarkLimiter activated device dog. The module BarkLimiter Autorise uses technology that automatically adjusts a correction to the optimum level in order to reduce the frequency of barking.

Rugged, waterproof and durable

Both the hand-held transmitter and the collar of the dog unit have been designed for wind resistance, sudden changes in altitude and unfavorable conditions during training and hunting.Equipment for the dog is offered with insulated, removable stainless steel pins in 2 lengths, which provide greater comfort for the dog and reliable operation in wet conditions. Equipment for the dog complies with the standard water resistance 1 ATM(10 meters).

The device itself PRO 70 is compatible waterproof IPX7 . Both the transmitter and the device for the dog are equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery. Battery indicator and transmitter devices for the dog tells you to charge the unit.



Pairing with collar

The colored buttons of the transmitter equipment PRO 70 can be attributed to the collar of the same color, which will provide control over which dogs stimulated and corrected that sounds. Additional collars with a width of 2 cm with a polyurethane coating are sold separately.

In the box

A kit containing hand-held device and the collar

  • PRO hand-held device 70
  • Equipment for dog PT 5¹
  • The black bar collar 2 cm
  • AC adapter
  • distributor power
  • Charging clip
  • Set of contacts with key
  • User’s Guide

Only hand-held device

  • PRO hand-held device 70
  • AC adapter
  • User’s Guide

¹ If you need additional collars, you can be used interchangeably with the device for the dog PT 10.


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PRO 70

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