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For the world of Garmin Beeper Upland Hunting is the ideal solution for remote location of the dog and for the constant monitoring of its activities: set with eight different configuration the Upland beeper can also be used in conjunction with training devices Garmin Delta Upland XC and Garmin PRO 550 .

The Garmin Upland Beeper can issue two types of acoustic signaling: the classic beep and the cry of a hawk.These sounds enable al’utilizzatore to know at any given the status of your dog, if hunting or toe. While your dog is hunting, the beeper emits a series of 1-3 beeps every four seconds. You can select the number of sounds in a series, solution needed to distinguish between multiple dogs. You can also turn off the sound so that the beeper remains silent while the dog is hunting. Q hen the dog is pointing, however the beeper beeps per second, or the cry of a hawk every five seconds, depending on the choice. Twin LEDs on the device indicate in turn the dog was: The red status LED flashes during the hunt while the green status LED flashes when the dog starts at the tip.

In conjunction with the Garmin Training Devices Delta Upland XC and PRO 550 , the Upland Beeper system allows the remote location of the dog: just press a button on your device to activate an audible sound even at great distances.

Garmin Upland Beeper has been realized with the Tri-Tronics support technology ® , thanks to over 40 years of experience in the canine training field, ensures a level of quality and unmatched reliability.

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Upland ™ Beeper

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