Better HemoLife Project Uses Health Features from Garmin Smartwatches to Enhance the Ability of Haemophilia Patients to Create Active Moments

27 Mar, 2023

Better HemoLife, the project under the supervision of Dr. Monthon Suwannurak — President of the Haemophilia Patient Club of Thailand — has applied technology from Garmin smartwatches to the medical industry for the first time in Thailand. This technology is intended to enhance the exercise capability of haemophilia or bleeding-prone patients using Garmin Health features. We consider the programme successful because participants reported having a positive attitude toward exercise. Also, it can help them reduce their drug usage and become a role model for other patients who have not yet started an exercise programme.

“Most haemophilia patients would naturally be nervous about exercising due to their physical limitations — they are afraid that there will be bleeding problems, especially at the joints and muscles. To join the project, potential patients have to undergo an initial assessment by wearing a Garmin Forerunner® 45 running smartwatch for 24 hours to enable the medical staff and the team to track and monitor their movements. Our staff uses the data to measure results. For example, we use data on steps to set patients’ daily walking goals, we use information about calories burned to adapt food intake, we keep track VO2 max to measure the progress of exercise and predict the future of how they would be stronger to set the new goal and make it more challenging,” Dr. Suwannurak concluded.

One patient’s parents commented, “Before this project, we were concerned to let him exercise as we were afraid that he would bleed. But when he joined the Better HemoLife programme and used a Garmin smartwatch, his health seemed to improve. We were more confident after having seen his health data improve. We had changed the way we treat him from using only medicine to incorporating exercises. Now we take care of health proactively with exercise and a good selection of food. His way of life has changed completely. When his physical health improves, his mental health does too. He is more confident to push his limits. Our son is sick, but he still can make a progress on his health.”

This collaboration shows that health technology can play a greater role in public healthcare, including diagnosis, patients’ treatment and in daily use. Garmin intends to play a part in helping people take care of their health proactively through continuous development of Garmin technology. Today’s Garmin smartwatch has a variety of capabilities, such as the ability to use sensors to track health status 24 hours a day — including tracking sleep Pulse Ox, stress level, intensity minutes, women’s health, heart rate, Body Battery™, hydration tracking and respiration rate1. These features combined with long-lasting battery power, can help Garmin smartwatches deliver consistent and reliable health data.

In addition, the development of the technology and functions of the Garmin smartwatch can gradually change people’s behaviour, because they can now access their health data from their smartwatch. As a result, people have the opportunity to become more careful and take better care of their health.

Want to learn more about Better HemoLife? Then watch the below video for more information.