Garmin Smartwatch Features for Women

06 Mar, 2023

You don’t need us to tell you that the female body is incredible. Its rhythms and cycles, ebbs and flows, constantly empower us to both give and sustain new life — and that’s just what’s happening behind the scenes, while on the surface we’re conducting a meeting at work or running a marathon or reading a book. From a physiological perspective, there’s a lot going on at any given time. So while you may not need us to tell you that the female body is incredible, you do need us to help you track it.

Garmin smartwatch features can play an instrumental role in tracking a woman’s body metrics throughout the day to give her a real-time health assessment in all the time it takes to simply glance down at her wrist. From how well she slept the night before to where she is in her menstrual cycle, a variety of factors play a role in how well she’s feeling — and may continue to feel for the rest of the day.

Menstrual Cycle Tracking

Compatible Garmin smartwatches can help track where a woman is in her menstrual cycle, which affects more than you might think — including nutrition, training and general health, all of which can also be monitored on a Garmin smartwatch. A woman’s menstrual cycle typically involves varying levels of hormones throughout a typical 21- to 35-day timeframe. It’s a lot more complicated than whether you’re bleeding or not. Low estrogen and progesterone levels during menstruation, for example, might leave you feeing drained, while an increase in estrogen during the follicular phase may have you feeling ready to take on a killer workout. In fact, it’s for this reason that many women will even train with their menstrual cycle.

Pregnancy Tracking

If you’re pregnant, knowing exactly how far along you are is crucial. Once your doctor has given you an approximate due date, you can use the pregnancy tracking feature on your compatible Garmin smartwatch to monitor daily symptoms and mood, approximately how big your baby should be measuring, your baby’s movement, weight gain and more. You’ll even receive tips for exercise and nutrition as you progress in your pregnancy.

Sleep Score1

How well you do — or don’t — sleep affects nearly every other aspect of your body’s performance for the day. Selected Garmin smartwatches with advanced sleep tracking will assign a sleep score from 0-100 to rate your sleep the night before, drawing on a combination of sleep architecture, stress data, interruptions during the night, how long you slept and more. We can’t guarantee that you’ll have a successful day if you wake up with a better sleep score — but we are willing to say it’s more likely.

Body Battery

Like the gas gauge on your car, the Body Battery feature on your Garmin watch is designed to help you manage exactly how much energy you’ve got left in your own personal tank. Your Body Battery score takes into account physical activity, stress, rest and sleep — and all of the ways those factors impact your energy stores. The more you monitor it, the more you’ll understand how activities and lifestyle choices impact your overall energy levels, allowing you to adjust accordingly moving forward.

Stress Score1

When you’re stressed, your body is in an elevated physiological state. Using primarily heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV) data, compatible Garmin smartwatches can measure your stress level on a scale from 0-100 and report back to you just how well your body is reacting to the challenges of life and the environment you’re in. We can’t necessarily guarantee that it’ll be a good excuse to get out of a meeting with your boss, but you’ll know exactly how well your body is reacting to it — which may help you to know how to better prepare next time. (Might we suggest a Breathwork activity? Read more about how to use built-in breathwork exercises to reduce stress.)


The reality is that if you’re a woman who runs, it’s important to keep safety in mind. Compatible Gamin smartwatches come equipped with features such as LiveTrack2 and incident detection and assistance on the off chance that an accident happens when the route leads you away from home.

LiveTrack tracks your location in real time when you’re out logging an activity, so chosen family and friends can follow along wherever you are. The incident detection feature can sense when there’s a drastic change in movement while recording a timed GPS activity and alert your emergency contacts that you need assistance. If for any reason you feel unsafe, you can also manually trigger assistance to alert your emergency contacts.

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2When paired with a compatible smartphone. For safety and tracking features requirements and limitations, see