Garmin Training Plans for Runners

23 Jun, 2023

You’re a runner looking for a little more structure, but you don’t know where to start. An adaptive training plan can help you reach your goals, whether that’s to a hit a PR at a specific upcoming race or to work on gradually improving your overall fitness levels. If you’ve got a Garmin watch, there are several running training plans available right now on the technology you’re already wearing on your wrist.

Compatible Garmin smartwatches interpret your performance data to understand the intensity and impact of your efforts. Combine this with the ability to input your goals and track your training history within the Garmin Connect™ app, and we’ll be shocked if you don’t hit a new PR. If you aren’t quite sure how to get from point A to point B, though, consider working through one of our three adaptive training plan options for runners.

1. Garmin Coach

Need a pro to help you with that half marathon training plan? (Or a 5K or 10K?) No problem. Garmin Coach grants you free access to personal coaches within the Garmin Connect app. Simply select your race goal, whether you’re a beginner or hoping to hit a 7-minute race pace, and you’ll be able to sync workouts to your compatible Garmin watch that will adjust based on your performance as you work through the plan. You’ll also be presented training tip videos from your coach throughout your training.

Garmin Coach offers three credible coaches to serve as your on-demand personal guide: Olympian and best-selling author Jeff Galloway, physiologist and online running coach Greg McMillan, or physical therapist and running expert Amy Parkerson-Mitchell. Read this blog post to learn more about choosing the right Garmin Coach for you based on your performance, goals and preferred workout style.

2. Race Adaptive Training Plans

If you’ve got a specific race or event coming up, Garmin race adaptive training plans will become your new best friend. Simply add your race to your Garmin Connect account, either by selecting a race already within Garmin Connect or creating your own with an accompanying course. Garmin will incorporate information like terrain, direction, windspeed and more into your race time prediction — and then you can add in any specific goals you have, such as time and pace. After you enter your race and goals, we create a training plan built for you that will adapt to your performance and recovery.

Keep in mind that to tailor your training plan to your body’s specific metrics, you’ll need to wear your watch as much as possible (including while you sleep) so it can factor in your VO2 max, your training history and more. Read this blog post to learn more about how Garmin race adaptive training plans  work — and to start training for your next event today.

3. Daily Suggested Workouts

If variety is the spice of your life, then you’ll want to sprinkle in daily suggested workouts with your compatible Garmin smartwatch as well. A training plan isn’t always specifically for a 5K or a marathon —sometimes you just want to stay on top of your overall fitness levels. We’ve got science-backed suggestions for that too. Using health and fitness data measured by your Garmin watch and analysed by the Firstbeat Analytics™ one-of-a-kind platform, your daily suggested workouts will take into account your sleep quality, stress levels, training load, recovery status and more to — you guessed it —suggest a workout for you to complete that day.

Ready to lace up your sneakers and set some records? Download the Garmin Connect app to get started with a Garmin running training plan — and be sure to shop our latest running smartwatches too.