Which LiveScope Model Is Right for Me?

09 Feb, 2023

Garmin LiveScope™ technology has been changing the game for a while now. The first iteration of the forward-facing sonar won both the Best Electronics and the Best of Show awards at the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades show in 2018, and it’s been bringing home titles ever since.

“The cool thing about [LiveScope] is the simplicity of it. What you see is what is there. The only picture that could be better is if you dive into the water with goggles, and I’m not sure that’s really even better,” said Garmin Pro Jason Christie, who recently won the 2022 Bassmaster Classic and credited LiveScope for the win. (Worth noting: 9 of the other top 10 anglers were also running Garmin LiveScope.)

It’s clear that if you’re even mildly serious about fishing, you need Garmin LiveScope. But with three options available, the question becomes which version of LiveScope is best suited for your needs. Below, we’ll walk you through your three choices, starting with the original Garmin LiveScope and working our way up to the most recent release, LiveScope™ XR.

1. Panoptix LiveScope™

LiveScope is the original, real-time scanning sonar technology from Garmin. The easy-to-interpret live-scanning sonar images will display clearly defined structures, your lure as you retrieve it and even enough detail to distinguish between different species of fish. You’ll be able to see below and around your boat up to 200’ — and the built-in stabilisation system keeps the image on your chartplotter steady, even when the water isn’t.

The original LiveScope system is sold with either a transom or trolling motor mount or a thru-hull mount.

2. LiveScope™ Plus

If LiveScope changed the game, LiveScope Plus gave anglers even more edge. With improved resolution, reduced noise, clearer images and better target separation, LiveScope Plus is the result of a crew of Garmin engineers who are always looking to push the limits. With seven different colour palette options — including Aqua, Caribbean, Lava and more — for anglers to fine-tune setups to their personal preferences, LiveScope Plus offers the same benefits as the original LiveScope for those who prioritise maximum clarity.

LiveScope Plus is available for purchase as an LVS34 transducer only or as a LiveScope Plus System that includes the LVS34 transducer and a GLS 10 sonar module. If you currently have the original LiveScope system, you can simply upgrade that black box (the GLS 10 sonar module) with the new LVS34 transducer to enhance your fishing experience.

3. LiveScope™ XR

If you’re more interested in an extended range than the additional clarity, LiveScope XR might be the way to go. The latest iteration of LiveScope technology, LiveScope XR allows anglers to explore the deep with a range up to 500’ in freshwater and 350’ in saltwater, all with clarity of the original LiveScope technology — making it perfect for coastal and open-water fishing.

LiveScope XR is available for purchase as an LVS62 transducer only or as a LiveScope XR System that includes the LSV62 transducer and a GLS 10 sonar module. As with the LiveScope Plus system, if you currently have a different version of LiveScope that included the GLS 10 sonar module, you can upgrade to LiveScope XR by purchasing a new LVS62 transducer.

So whether you’re bottom fishing for grouper with the LiveScope XR or picking crappie off a brush pile with the LiveScope Plus, Garmin has you covered. Shop Garmin LiveScope sonar technology here.