6 Everyday Reasons to Have an Active inReach Device

03 Mar, 2023

Though best known for use during outdoor activities in remote locations or extreme conditions, there are plenty of other situations in which inReach® satellite communicators1 have proven invaluable when the user ends up outside of mobile or Wi-Fi® coverage. Here are several unexpected reasons to keep your inReach satellite messenger active and on hand.

1. Vehicle Assistance

Many SOS triggers received by the Garmin ResponseSM Centre involve driving situations. Issues range from vehicle breakdowns to getting stuck in the mud or snow to witnessing an accident. Because you can unknowingly drive in and out of mobile network, making an inReach device part of your roadside emergency car kit is essential. You can get assistance by using two-way messaging with a contact or declaring an SOS.

2. Emergency Preparedness

Natural disasters can happen anytime. An inReach satellite communicator can be imperative in the aftermath of a hurricane, wildfire or other sudden environmental event. Even if you are in an area that typically has mobile network, that connection is susceptible to disruption during extreme weather or natural disasters. Because inReach devices connect via the global Iridium® satellite network, it is an extremely valuable resource to have ready as a backup source of communication in an emergency. Use an inReach device to trigger an interactive SOS message to the Garmin Response Centre, send updates to concerned loved ones or check the weather forecast to plan next steps.

3. Remote Living

If your living situation lacks mobile phone coverage, an inReach satellite messenger should be included in your living off-the-grid supplies. The compact size, long battery life and ability to function as a stand-alone device make it practical for living out of range. Along with two-way messaging with contacts or initiating an SOS in an emergency, inReach devices allow remote dwellers to navigate (on most inReach models), check the weather and share their location.

4. Weather, Worldwide

If you end up out of mobile phone signal or off-grid, you’ll always know what conditions to expect with inReach weather forecasts, accessed directly on the device. These reports provide forecast information to help you make decisions based on local conditions or for your intended destination. Basic weather forecasts count as a message on inReach plans. Garmin also offers two additional forecast types at extra cost: Premium and Marine. Land forecasts are powered by Dark Sky, a leading provider of global weather data. Marine forecasts are based on OCENS premium marine weather data.

5. Unexpected Loss of Mobile Connection

Even locations that seem safe from public infrastructure disruptions can encounter problems. When your mobile and internet-enabled devices can’t get a signal, inReach satellite communicators can. Know that in such circumstances, you can declare an SOS, navigate (on most inReach models), location share or text without mobile network. The Iridium satellite network is not affected by mobile network or electrical breakdowns, making it a suitable contingency device.


6. Travel

If your packing list for a routine holiday doesn’t include an inReach satellite communicator, it’s time to add it. The small, lightweight device won’t take up much space in your luggage, but the capabilities you gain as a result of having it are huge. For example, texting while on a cruise, tracking while on a trip or getting weather forecasts while in remote areas are all things you can do with an inReach handheld. Plus, you never know when you, a party member or even a stranger might need help.

inReach SOS: Helping a Stranger in Need

With many handy features and a constant link to help and communication, inReach satellite devices are imperative conduits to communication during those “just-in-case” moments — globally. Plus, when paired to a compatible device, Earthmate®Garmin Explore™ and Garmin Messenger™ mobile apps allow users to utilise inReach technology easily and quickly from a paired smartphone.

1Active satellite subscription required. Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit the use of satellite communication devices. It the responsibility of the user to know and follow all applicable laws in the jurisdictions where the device is intended to be used.

Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.