Wheelchair Workouts with Garmin Smartwatches

19 Jan, 2024

By Ben Clark, Adapt to Perform CEO

If you’re a full-time wheelchair user looking for an enhanced fitness regimen, look no further. By switching on wheelchair mode in selected Garmin smartwatches, you gain access to 31 preloaded wheelchair workouts, developed with wheelchair exercises crafted specifically for you by Adapt to Perform. Founded by Ben Clark, otherwise known as “The Wheelchair Fitness Guy,” Adapt to Perform is a trusted resource for adapted fitness that helps users around the globe step into a new era of diversity and inclusivity alongside the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Below, Clark weighs in on using the Garmin wheelchair-specific workouts to stay fit and healthy, continuing his pursuit to help people of all abilities and backgrounds receive access to innovative ways to prioritise their well-being.

Practical Daily Exercises: Empowering Wheelchair Users

Wheelchair-specific workouts have come to the forefront of fitness and now appear right on your wrist, and they’re changing the game for individuals with mobility challenges. Garmin has recognised the importance of inclusivity in fitness and has worked with us to incorporate our wheelchair-specific workouts into their smartwatches. This is making it easier than ever for wheelchair users to engage in daily exercises that cater to their unique needs.

These workouts not only promote physical health but also enhance mobility, strength and overall well-being. From cardiovascular exercises to resistance training, these wheelchair-specific workouts cover a wide spectrum of activities, ensuring that every user can find a routine that suits their preferences and goals.

Personally I love the HIIT workouts because they provide an excellent workout in a short time and are also a great way for us wheelchair users to achieve the fitness levels we desire. Combined with the yoga movements, you have a great, well-rounded routine.

Using Garmin Watches to Keep Track of Your Fitness Journey

Garmin watches are not just about tracking steps (and now wheelchair pushes!), they’re powerful tools for monitoring your fitness journey. Whether you’re walking, rolling or engaging in other activities, these devices provide detailed insights into your performance. Distance covered, calories burned, heart rate1 and even real-time GPS tracking are just some of the metrics you can monitor. This provides me with invaluable insights into my training and where I can adjust to maximize my time.

Furthermore, Garmin watches sync seamlessly with the Garmin Connect™ smartphone app, allowing you to visualise your progress, set goals and stay motivated. It’s like having a personal fitness coach on your wrist, guiding you toward your health and fitness aspirations.

Connecting with Your Community: Fitness Challenges and Accountability

Fitness is not a solitary journey — it’s a community-driven effort. The Garmin Connect app goes beyond just tracking your data; it connects you with like-minded individuals who share your fitness goals. Whether you’re using a wheelchair or not, you can join the community and engage in “fitness challenges” that promote healthy competition and camaraderie.

For wheelchair users, this is an excellent opportunity to connect with others who face similar challenges and triumphs. You can hold each other accountable, share tips and tricks, and celebrate your milestones together. The power of community is an invaluable resource on your fitness journey. It’s as easy as adding someone as your first Garmin Connect connection to get started.

Biometric Data Tracking Beyond Activity

Fitness isn’t just about what you do during your workouts; it’s a holistic approach to well-being. Garmin recognises this, and their watches provide biometric data tracking beyond activity. You can monitor your sleep patternsstress levels and even hydration1. This comprehensive view of your health allows you to make informed decisions and take steps to improve your overall quality of life. Sleep is something I’ve struggled with in the past, but with my watch’s help, I’m getting in a better routine and realising where I was falling short before.

Getting fit is a lifelong commitment, and Garmin is here to support you every step of the way. So why wait? Start your fitness journey today with Garmin’s inclusive approach to health and well-being. Whether you’re using their wheelchair-specific workouts, tracking your progress with watches, connecting with your fitness community or monitoring biometric data, the tools are at your fingertips to help you lead a happier, healthier life.

Interested in learning more about Adapt to Perform and their mission? Their latest campaign, Everyday Athlete, strives to champion wheelchair users in the pursuit of their fitness and wellness goals. See the Adapt to Perform website to learn more.

1See Garmin.com/ataccuracy