Spend less time planning your trip and more time enjoying it with RV-specific navigation from Garmin. Our navigation is already found in many of the top automotive brands around the world. In fact, they come factory installed in Mercedes-Benz and Honda vehicles. For your RV, customized RV routing1, directories of campgrounds, parks, services, route warnings, elevation profiles and hands-free features deliver a superior navigation solution.

Directories of RV Parks and Services

This comprehensive directory contains more than 20,000 locations and is frequently updated with new information about campgrounds, hostels, supermarkets, emergency services, entertainment, points of interest and more.

  • U.S. RV-specific POIs
  • HISTORY® database of notable historic sites
  • U.S. National Parks
  • Tripadvisor® traveler ratings
  • Millions of new and popular POIs from Foursquare®
  • KOA®
  • Ultimate Public Campgrounds
  • iOverlander™
  • TruckDown®

Made for the RV Experience

Not all roads are created equal. That’s why the size of your customer’s RV plays a crucial role in deciding which route to take. By creating a unique RV profile and inputting height, length, width and weight, the Garmin infotainment system can suggest the most efficient route to the destination with no more backtracking and close calls.

The Garmin infotainment system also provides road warnings for bridge heights, weight limits, sharp curves, steep gradients and more.

The Confidence to Explore

Clearly spoken directions and easy-to-read information will help ensure happy campers. Exclusive features, including lane guidance, Bird’s Eye view junction and photoReal junction view, point the driver to the right path, while the brightly colored on-screen arrows lead the way.

Simple User Interface

The intuitively designed user interface ensures a seamless experience while navigating, using controls and adjusting your audio entertainment. Featuring a customisable digital switching interface specific to your RV model, controlling your RV from the Garmin infotainment system is intuitively simple.

Voice-activated Navigation

Keep your hands on the wheel because now you can simply speak to the Garmin infotainment system instead of physically entering your destination. Enjoy improved situational awareness, and focus with hands-free voice-activated navigation.

Added Awareness

An intuitive driving mode makes Garmin infotainment systems simple to use while you are at the wheel. Quick access media control buttons and built-in hands-free calling minimize the distractions, letting you stay focused on the road.

And to prioritize your awareness, the screen automatically displays any blind spots and obstacles behind your vehicle every time you shift into reverse (rear view and side view cameras required; sold separately).


Outfit your RV with the latest in navigation and entertainment. Ask Garmin to work with your designers on implementing our intuitive technical solutions. Contact
[email protected].

1Not available in all areas. Entering your RV or trailer profile characteristics does not guarantee your RV’s characteristics will be accounted for in all route suggestions. Always defer to all posted road signs and road conditions.

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