Garmin is one of the largest watch and wearable manufacturers in the world and offers integrated, customized solutions for RV manufacturers.

Door Lock and Unlock

The ability to lock or unlock vehicle doors via ANT® technology gives your customer the convenience of using their compatible Garmin wearable for securing their vehicle. Garmin meets industry standards for digital key management. Digital key distribution and management can be done from a compatible Garmin app that can be integrated into OEM telematics.

What else can drivers do with a Garmin wearable?

The possibilities are endless when customers can monitor biometrics through Garmin Connect™ app on their compatible smartphone, including driver stress, heart rate, energy level, daily step count and more1.

Fusion™-Link Lite App

Take control of your audio entertainment from your wrist. This free app works on compatible Garmin watches and allows the customer to control their Fusion system right from their wrist.

Additional Features

When paired with the Garmin Connect app on your compatible device, Garmin wearables can also be used to track the length and elevation of your hike, and aid in Last Mile Navigation and direction back to your RV.


Outfit your RV with the latest in navigation and entertainment. Ask Garmin to work with your designers on implementing our intuitive technical solutions. Contact [email protected].