Easily control and monitor any onboard function of your vehicle from the Garmin infotainment display using the power of EmpirBus™ digital switching.

Advanced Automation for the RV

Advanced Automation for the RV

EmpirBus digital switching brings all of the power and convenience of advanced home and luxury car automation to your vehicle. Featuring scalability and durability from extensive use in tough environments, it is designed for cost efficiency, modularity and an intuitive experience. Control electronic systems such as lighting, slide-outs, entertainment and security systems, air conditioning, temperature and much more.

Elegant Simplicity

The EmpirBus digital switching system is ideally suited to new-build installations because:

  • OEMs can choose the module(s) that best fits the power requirements and monitoring needs for each custom integration.
  • Compiling the desired features into our provided module/channel templates lends to development of programming to meet each OEM’s needs.

Programming can easily be reused for any new installation or modified for options. EmpirBus experts will match that list of requirements and channels to the best combination of specific modules and accessories. The customized touchscreen user interface is loaded right onto the Garmin display. And modules, accessories and components are rigorously tested to ensure system behavior fully matches the specifications.

The Power of Digital Switching

Instead of space-consuming and labor-intensive fuse and circuit breaker assemblies, EmpirBus digital switching uses compact digital control modules to simplify a user’s control system. Each module can support between 16 and 31 input and output circuits that are customized to meet the exact needs of the equipment being controlled.

Each EmpirBus system connects to the existing network, which lets it communicate with the Garmin infotainment display and other technology on the network. Flexible network architecture enables EmpirBus systems to be mounted near the equipment they are controlling, reducing the amount of necessary cabling. This makes the system easier to install and troubleshoot than traditional switch systems — and also reduces cost and complexity. Switching paired with Garmin fixed or wireless touchscreens brings a whole new level of freedom and flexibility to your design.

Smartphone and Tablet Applications

Smartphone and Tablet Applications

With the Cloud.EmpirBus.com graphics designer application tool, you can design dedicated smartphone or tablet apps for your customers using standard images and designs from most any graphic generation tool. This web-based tool for creation and distribution allows any OEM to create and distribute an app of their own design to match their recreational vehicle. The Cloud.Empirbus.com platform is available for download on the App Store® and Google Play Store™.

EmpirBus Studio

The easy-to-use EmpirBus Studio software provides a wide set of customization possibilities. This software features a graphic programming user interface to help you build the desired back-end functionality of each system. EmpirBus Studio — as well as all other EmpirBus software — is supplied to customers free of charge.

EmpirBus Graphic

EmpirBus Graphic is a graphical programming tool for various platforms, designed to help you create amazing graphical user interfaces via a simplified work process. In other words, if you can think it, you can program it — without having to wait for the next product iteration.


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